‘Star Wars’ Home Theater

Kids’ theater seating and comfy leather sofa sectional for adults for a memorable movie night with life-sized Star Wars characters! (Or pull out the full-sized/double Star Wars sofa bed for the ultimate movie-in-bed night!)

Stereo sound and 3D Movie projector with HUGE movie screen (8 feet wide!) and more than 200+  3D and 2D family movies, including old favorites and new releases (Disney live action, cartoons, Pixar, Universal, Harry Potter, Star Wars, etc.), and plenty of 3D glasses!!! Smart Blu-ray/DVD with apps.

Life size Star Wars mannequins and props make this room a MUST-have-experience for any true Star Wars fan!!!  Check out our life-sized (but not actually slimey!) Jabba the Hutt and his ridiculous pet Salacious Crumb, Leia dressed in her Boushh (bounty hunter) attire, Boba Fett, Darth Vader, Stormtrooper, and a Red Imperial Guard.  Jabba’s favorite trophy, Han Solo in Carbonite, hangs near him.  Get your cameras ready for when the kids open to the door to this unbelievable room!


Special Edition Star Wars Playstation 4 & video games (Star Wars Battlefront, Disney Infinity 3.0 with many character pieces, Lego, Madden Football, Fifa Soccer, NBA Basketball, Singstar Karaoke, etc.).

Special Edition Star Wars XBOX Kinect & games (Star Wars, DisneyLand, Lego, Just Dance, Kinect Sports, etc.).

Dozens of Disney and Star Wars family board games, puzzles, and toys.

Loads of Cosplay Dress-ups and light sabers for Jedis or even for those who have chosen the Dark Side (sized for ages infant to adult)!

‘Jabba the Hutt’ and his bounty hunters are patiently awaiting a group photo with you in your favorite Star Wars costume you find at our home!!!  And we highly recommend a group costume contest–in our family, everyone’s favorite memories are grandpa dressed like Kylo Ren, using his light saber against Aunt Holly wearing her “Rey” costume.  Way too much fun!!!


This room is the ULTIMATE PLAYPLACE!!! We DARE you to be bored here!