Harry Potter’s Hogwart’s Castle & Knight Bus by the ‘Leaky Cauldron’ Bedrooms

Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle Bunkbed Room (sleeps 3), has both a twin and queen bed below a castle-themed chandelier, with a ladder built into the side of the castle bed. This bedroom is on the first floor. Harry’s personal items are all over his room, including his eyeglasses, fan posters and pennants from his most important Quidditch wins!

Gryffindor robes, scarves, neckties, and wands are available for the use of any guest Witches/Warlocks (including Muggles) who might need to practice giving their annoying siblings piggy tails with them! This room is accessed either from pocket doors to the main level hallway, or through the french window shop doors from the ‘Leaky Cauldron’ bedroom in ‘Diagon Alley’ next door. [These two rooms make a Harry Potter suite, although the bathroom for the bedrooms is not attached, but is three steps in the hall across from both bedrooms.]

Through French doors from Hogwart’s Castle, Harry Potter’s ‘KNIGHT BUS’ in ‘Diagon Alley’ room sleeps two on twin bunks. This crazy bus ride has magically transported Harry to the alley where the “Leaky Cauldron” shop/pub will help him find his way fully to the magical world. Kids LOVE this bus-bed with working motor sounds, and the magical shrunken head that navigates and cracks jokes while on the night journey!

DETACHED GUEST BATHROOM serves these two bedrooms, three steps into the hall from both bedrooms…Newly renovated bathroom with shower!